Imitation Poem:
A lion chases
the zebra through the sun rays
on the open field,
and chases down his prey.
But the zebra runs,
and tries to live,
but the lion is too fast.
The lion roars
and takes down his prey,
gracefully and quickly.
Bitterness poem:
His body was full of awful hate
and he was angry all the time.
His past, full of horrible events,
haunted him.
And one day,
he would get his revenge.

Earth Hour 2015!

This Saturday is Earth Hour 2015 where major cities and places turn off their power for one hour. I think that this is really interesting and a really good idea for the environment. It is super important to take care of our Earth because it is our home. I also think that Earth Hour is super cool because I had never heard of it before, and I’m really excited for Saturday!

Watch the official Earth Hour 2015 Official Video here:

Choker Chatting

Jamie, Rachel, Britney, Chelsea, and I had a lit circle about the book we are reading, which is Choker.  From this lit circle, I learned that it is really important to always focus on the speaker and only have one person talking at a time. I think I participated and added things to the discussion that were interesting and sparked conversation. I also think I used quotes and evidence well to back up what I was saying. Next week, I will work on having only one person at a time speak and looking the speaker in the eye because I did not always do that the whole time during our lit circle. Sometimes, when someone brought something interesting to the discussion, our whole group got excited and wanted to say something right away. Our literature circle video analysis is comments/annotations on our video that point out specific places for example where we used direct quotes from our book, asked questions, stated predictions, and noticed areas where we could improve. It will help us improve because sometimes, we don’t notice that we do things if we do not watch and see them our selves. For example, our group might not have known that we needed to listen to each other a little more but our analysis will help us and show us specific areas where we can improve. Overall, I think we all did a good job participating and everyone said something really valuable. Filming our literature circle was very interesting because we had never done it before and it was really fun!

Activity 2: Writing from last year

This is something that I wrote last year.
Quietly, Lucy tried not to wake the rest of the house up as she got out of bed and started getting her things together for the beach. She left a short note for her mom, so she wouldn’t think she had disappeared. Her sandy blonde hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail as she started walking to the beach. The sidewalk was empty, so the sounds of her flip-flops flapping were echoing through the streets. She arrived at the beach just in time for the sunrise, and placed her towel on the white sand. The glimmering sun emerged from the deep blue water, and she sat there watching the sun rise as still as a statue. Lucy laid down on the red and yellow striped towel, and the sound of the waves crashing rocked her to sleep. Twenty minutes later, she awoke from her nap and stood up to see more people invading the beach. She walked down to the water, and let the waves crash over her feet. The water was cold, no surprise, and felt good as it sprayed her body. Smells of salt and sunscreen were vivid as she began to walk down the beach. Even though her feet were sinking into the wet sand, she continued to walk. Suddenly, her left foot kicked something hard. Assuming it was a rock, she picked up a light blue glass bottle, and now she was thinking it was a piece of garbage. There were a couple faint letters on it, but not enough to tell what the bottle said. Suspecting nothing, she placed it into her green bag which was draped over her shoulder. Lucy spent the rest of her relaxing day sitting on the beach and swimming, not thinking about the bottle. Sometime during the afternoon, she started to return home in time for dinner. When she arrived home, she emptied the contents of her bag onto her blue bed. Forgetting she had the bottle, she pulled it out and took a closer look. Examining it carefully, she noticed a wrinkled, small, and delicate piece of paper inside the bottle. As her mom yelled her name, she quickly ran down the stairs to eat her dinner, placing the bottle on her desk. Eager to investigate the bottle, she quickly returned to her room after eating. To her surprise, the light blue glass bottle was gone. Confused, she felt a cool breeze and turned around to see her bedroom window open.
What do you like to write about?
Student blog challenge:
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Wild Final Blog Post

We decided as a group that we were going to annotate by using one stickie per chapter. We made sure that each stickie note had a theme that we noticed, questions that we had, and thoughts/reflections about the chapter. Those three things needed to be on each stickie, but we could always add more if we wanted to. In Wild, there are a lot of themes that are really important and help build the plot and create the tone/mood of the story. The majority of our annotations and thoughts were on our stickie notes, but we also used our RRJ as well. The point of the stickies was to make sure we were doing thorough annotating, but to also help with the time constraint because Wild is a pretty long book. By creating one stickie note per chapter, it made it really easy to share our opinions and thoughts during Lit Circles because the annotations were very accessible and they started very interesting discussions. The most important literary elements to me are noticing the plot, themes, and characters. The characters were especially important on her journey because Cheryl meets many different people who are an important part of the book.

While reading Wild, my theory was that Cheryl’s hike/journey on the Pacific Crest Trail was changing herself and her life for the better. Her life was falling apart before her courageous decision to hike over 1100 miles alone on the PCT. Cheryl was in a very dark place after the death of her mother. After going through an extremely challenging divorce, she was using heroin and getting in relationships with the wrong men. She needed to find a way to turn her life around and to learn to make better decisions when she is faced with options. Here are two examples from the book that display how she has positively changed because of her trip.

“I could’ve glided right past it, but something compelled me to pause instead. I was intrigued. I was unattached. In my youth and sorrow, I was ready to self-destruct. So I didn’t just say yes to heroin. I pulled it in with both hands.” (52)

This excerpt supports my thinking because it shows how Cheryl was in a bad place before her trip. It also conveys the fact that Cheryl did have a choice to say no to heroin, and she knows that. Instead, she was excited and interested in something that would change her life in a negative way. By getting in this unhealthy relationship with a man who exposed her to heroin, Cheryl desperately needed a way out of it, and she found one. This also relates back to my other point, which was Cheryl changed in the way she makes choices. If someone offered her heroin after her journey on the PCT, she would say no.

“For once I didn’t ache for a companion. For once the phrase a woman with a hole in her heart didn’t thunder in my head. That phrase, it didn’t even live for me anymore.” (299)

This quote demonstrates how much Cheryl has changed into a woman who has more self-respect for herself, and doesn’t throw herself on all the guys she can. Her life is so different now because her idea of a companion has changed, and she wants to have an actual strong and happy relationship with someone instead of exposing herself to every guy.

This theory of Cheryl changing into a different/better person connects to human nature in many ways. Sometimes, life is extremely challenging and people need to find something that makes them happy and helps them cope. Cheryl was not in a good place, and many people in their lives go through hardships that leave a negative impact on their life. But to help get through her challenges, Cheryl took a leap and hiked the PCT alone to have time to herself and to reflect. Many people are like Cheryl, but in a different way. Not a lot of people hike over a thousand miles to help find themselves, but people do other things that have just as big as an impact. It is really important in life to find things that make you happy and that help you cope and change. Cheryl found that, which really influences other people and shows them that is is possible to get out of a dark place if they are in one. This also connects to human nature because sometimes people need a break and some time to themselves, especially in the outdoors. Life is busy, and it is often surrounded by many people that really influence your life. People like Cheryl need time to themselves to think, reflect, and to find themselves again.

Overall, I would give this book a 9 out of 10. Before I started reading Wild, I thought it would possibly be boring because it was mainly about a woman hiking the PCT. Right when I started reading it, I didn’t want to put it down because it was so good. Throughout the whole book, I felt like I was right next to her on her journey. Cheryl Strayed did an amazing job at making the book funny, inspirational, and interesting, all at the same time. The fact that it was a true story made it that much more intriguing. Overall, I loved reading Wild and it definitely inspired me to never give up, experience the wilderness more, and to always appreciate who and what you have in your life.


Wild: the adventure continues

Title of book: Wild

Author: Cheryl Strayed

Pages read: 146-174

Today, we discussed what we just read and all of the themes, thoughts, and questions we had. We noticed the theme of bravery, when Cheryl keeps on hiking despite all of the challenges she has faced. We talked about how Cheryl is changing as a person since she has more self-respect, and isn’t throwing herself on lots of guys. She said no to a man who was interested in her, didn’t go back to the man who showed her heroin, and more. We also discussed the questions we had, such as why did Greg quit his hike/trip? Also, what was the wish that she made that one night? We also talked about how Cheryl, her husband, and brother had to shoot their mom’s horse because it was so sick and they couldn’t let it suffer anymore.  This made me think more about the bigger questions, such as how might one person deal with all of these tragedies and hardship that they have faced? What do people do to help cope with their problems? I think this one is especially important because for Cheryl, it was to leave everything behind and hike the PCT alone. That was what she chose to help her get her life back together, and I am curious as to why other people were hiking the PCT (like Greg)? Our goals for our next discussion is to continue to stay on task, and always listen to what each other has to say. After our lit circle and our reading, it made me wonder how the rest of her trip will go and I look forward to all of the things that are happening next/the adventures she will face on the trail ahead.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

I am reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed and I have read up to page 45, and I really like it. In these pages, the main character Cheryl lost her mother from cancer and it really affected her and her family. Her mother was a really big part of her life so without her, it was really difficult for her. She struggled with many things, including her job and family. Four years later, she divorced her husband and she decided she wanted to hike The Pacific Crest Trail alone and she has been getting ready for her trip. I wonder how long it will take her and how she will change as a person after her adventure. What challenges will she face along the way? I am going to bring to the discussion the theme of courage because she shows it by going on this trip by herself, even if she has no experience.

After our discussion, we talked more about how Cheryl and her mother have a really deep connection, and that it is really hard for Cheryl without her mother. I learned that we should all notice how the author mentions the light in this book, and it seems to be pretty important. “There, I’d leave my troubles behind, I thought. Instead, I only found more.” (Page 37)

This quote makes me wonder what troubles she faces, and it is interesting how the author left a cliffhanger for the end of the chapter. I like how it is a slight mystery what happens, and it makes me really interested and wanting to keep reading.

Of Mice and Men Chapter One Lit Circle

In literature circle groups, I think that each person should participate actively. Each person that is in the literature circle should share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. There are a lot of things to discuss such as setting, plot, characters, themes, predictions, and more. We talk about themes a lot in these circles because themes are a very important part to books and it is important to notice and pay attention to them. Sometimes it is hard to run your own literature circle because you do not have a specific person that is running it, and sometimes people run out of things to talk about. Also, people have to make sure that  they are listening and paying attention to what other people are saying instead of focusing on what they are going to say next. I like student lead literature circles because they are fun to do and we get the chance to hear what our friends are thinking.

OMAM Chapter 1:

  1.  Why is Lennie’s memory not that good? (Page 5)
  2.  How do Lennie and George know each other and when did George start taking care of Lennie?  (Page 11)
  3. Lennie acts like a child and it seems that without George, it would be hard for him to live on his own. (Page 9)

I think that our lit circle went very well. We all had many chances to share what we thought, and we each listened to one another and made it a really interesting/exciting conversation. I learned that each person has different thoughts and opinions and it is important to listen to them. We didn’t really have that many difficulties, but I think one is getting the conversation going at the beginning.

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